Laser Frenectomy Procedure, Tongue-Ties and Lip-Ties

Seattle Smiles Dental – Frenectomy Services

A frenectomy is a procedure that may benefit infants, children and adults with speech, digestive, airway, periodontal (gum), orthodontic spacing issues and more. Dr. Jenny Nguyen has specialized training in frenectomies involving tethered oral tissues (TOTS), a collective term encompassing all frenum causing lip and tongue ties. She has treated hundreds of infants in addition […]

Invisalign® and Orthodontics

Seattle Smiles Dental – Invisalign

Invisalign straightens teeth to give you the confidence of a great smile.   What is Invisalign? Invisalign is an orthodontic system that uses clear medical grade plastic aligners to gently guide the teeth into the correct position. The aligners replace the metal wires and brackets used for traditional braces. The aligners are custom made to […]

Temporomandibular Disorder/TMJ (Jaw Joint Disorders)

Seattle Smiles Dental – TMJ Services

Temporomandibular joint disorder & treatment If you are suffering from frequent headaches, jaw aches, and/or aching facial pain, it could be temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ or TMD. This condition involves your jaw joint and can make chewing and talking painful. These aches and pains may be related to the jaw joint, called […]

Sleep Apnea and Anti-Snore Devices

Seattle Smiles Dental – Sleep Apnea Services

Sleep well and wake refreshed Sleep apnea is a condition that affects the way you breathe while sleeping – often leading to frequent, loud snoring. Specifically, this is instigated when the soft tissue in the back of your throat relaxes while you sleep, causing interruptions in breathing. These interruptions usually last between 10 to 20 […]

Sedation Dentistry

Seattle Smiles Dental – Sedation Services

Sedation dentistry reduces anxiety so you can face dental appointments without fear. Are you fearful of going to the dentist? Do you put off going to the dentist for the sole fact that you are nervous of even stepping foot in a dental office? Many dental offices, including ours, now offer different types of sedation […]

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Seattle Smiles Dental – Endontonics Services

Root canals are common procedures and can help save your tooth from extraction. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Years ago, diseased or injured teeth were usually pulled. But today, a tooth can often be saved through root canal treatment. Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with treating diseases or injuries to […]

Oral Surgery (Extractions)

Services – Oral Surgery (extractions)

Nobody wants an tooth extraction, but sometimes it’s necessary. Natural teeth are ideal for biting, chewing and maintaining mouth and jawbone structure, which is why a dentist’s first priority is to help restore, save and repair your natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is unavoidable. We will make sure you’re comfortable before, during and […]